Sunday, August 26, 2012

JUST a Stay at Home Mom

So, I have this medium sized pet peeve...... people who say, "you're JUST a stay at home Mom."
Yes, I am a stay at home Mom.  But as soon as you add a JUST in there, It makes me want to JUST smack you a little bit!  I know, it probably sounds pathetic that I get so defensive over one word but it's because I'm very passionate and proud of what I do.  I love being able to be home with my children all day and feel very fortunate and thankful to my Husband for working so hard and making that possible!!!

One of the greatest perks with being a stay at home Mom is that once I get the older kids off to school, my schedule is pretty lenient and everything I do on a day to day basis (besides Doctor appointments or anything along those lines that come up) I plan.  I get to go to the gym, get my shopping done, clean the house (sometimes) and have a lot of Charli and me time where I get to watch her grow up.  I LOVE THAT!  After school it's pretty crazy with homework, sports, dinner, playing etc. till about 8 when all the kids are in bed, just as I'm sure every household with kids goes through at some point in their day.  So, this all sounds like the perfect life right?? It really is great and I really do love it and by no means do I want to sound like I'm whining about this great blessed life I'm living.   I just want to voice my pet peeve on the whole "JUST a stay at home Mom". 

When Steve and I decided to move across the country, away from family and friends and have me quit my job to be home with the kids all day, I promised myself that in doing this, I would make sure to be as involved in the kids' lives as possible.  My TV does not get turned on until after all the kids are in bed (unless I'm doing a work out video).  I devote one on one time to homework, piano, reading, playing catch, puzzles, etc.  I don't walk around in my PJ's all day watching TV or taking naps.  I don't ignore my kids when they are home.  I try my hardest to be the best I can be as a Mother and again, am fortunate to be home and have that extra time with them and I make the best of it! So like I said before, I'm very passionate about being a stay at home mom and get defensive about the "JUST"

Being a stay at home Mom also comes with its challenges, and I'm not going to lie.... I have told my husband a few times in the past year that I was going to go get a job before I go absolutely insane.  I'm not saying that working Mom's have it easier by any means.... I know this because I have also been a full time working Mom and it had its challenges too.  But being home all day and having no adult interaction day after day can make a person crazy.  I have one child that has more energy than the energizer bunny, one child that can't multi-task or remember what I asked her to do 5 minutes ago, and a baby that is attached to my hip all day.   I don't have vacation days or even a lunch break.  I do this job 24/7 and it can be very very challenging some days!

Other challenging Mom positions I have been in would be a single Mom, a full time student Mom, a work from home Mom, a pregnant and working/stay at home/work from home/ student Mom, a- my husband is sometimes gone three weeks out of the month and my family is 2000 miles away stay at home Mom:)  Each and every one of those titles has its perks and each and every one of those titles comes with different challenges.  Basically, if you're a Mom, there should be no "JUST" ever put before the word Mom...... Just saying:)

I think we as Moms, no matter what title comes before the Mom part, can relate to this!

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